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C.P.I. Bathrooms is a B2B bathroom wholesale and manufacturing company that provides solutions for building merchants, plumbing and bathroom businesses. Our expert product lines include furniture, sanitaryware, brass accessories, and toilet frames.


We are committed to delivering products with the best quality-price ratio to our customers, with UK-wide delivery services and selective customer partnerships.

What Distinguishes Us;

  • Combined our technical expertise and market knowledge with end to end service, we offer unbeatable advantages to our customer

  • We are in tune to the market and flexible to offer product combinations

  • Hands on approach from production to delivery with on site quality control processes

  • Strategic partnerships with our customers over the years which help us to offer unbeatable values to our customers


We are passionate about providing high quality and price ratio products that are sourced, manufactured and supplied in a responsible and ethical way. We care about sustainability, our planet and our customers.

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